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Exergy believes that renewable energy, particularly solar technologies, hold the answer to rising fuel and electricity costs, shortage in electricity, and deteriorating condition of the environment. It realizes that, while many of its clients may share the same view, enthusiasm is hampered by high upfront and operating cost for installing and maintain alternative and non conventional sources of electricity such as solar facilities. Consistently, Exergy provides technical, financial and contractual tools that will allow the purchase of green and clean voltage electricity over a long period of time. Placing a well designed dedicated mini power plant without any capital cost is one of its energy management strategies that will continuously be developed with development of new technologies.

Exergy Phils., Corp.

is an energy company specializing in building, owning, and operating renewable energy facilities, while ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability within an industrial and commercial environment. The vision is to develop decentralized or distributed power in order to secure business operations independent of external business infrastructure and regulatory shifts.

Exergy is a strategic business unit of Phil-Nippon Kyoei Corporation, an engineering and service company that has its roots on business execution since 1994. Exergy plans to be the biggest supplier of renewable or non-conventional energy within the next three years. Each facility shall provide high quality services to the energy value chain and offer expertise in every aspect of the industrial sector.

Exergy’s management team is composed of managers with 10 years engineering, accounting and business experience and are acknowledged practitioners in their respective fields.

Exergy provides research-backed business solutions that can be applied in various industries to establish competitiveness. Management encourages the organization to generate new knowledge and to support and test new ideas in all areas of the company expertise. As an example, the initial company-owned 131 kW solar power plant facility used amorphous thin film photovoltaic cells in order to acquire the highest performance ratios available, while managing the heat degradation that is prevalent for other solar installations.

Exergy has worked with diverse client profiles, from industrial plants to commercial malls and private developers.

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